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QJM - Oxford University Press.
Quaerendo - Brill.
Qualitative market research - Emerald.
Qualitative sociology - Kluwer Academic/Human Sciences Press.
Quality and reliability engineering international - Wiley.
Quality assurance - Taylor & Francis.
Quality assurance in education - Emerald.
The Quality assurance journal - John Wiley.
Quality of life research - Kluwer.
Quality & quantity - Kluwer.
Quantitative finance - Institute of Physics Publ..
Quantitative marketing and economics - Kluwer.
Quantitative microbiology - Kluwer.
Quantitative structure - activity relationships - Wiley-VCH.
Quantum electronics - Turpion.
Quantum information & computation - Rinton Press.
Quantum information processing - Kluwer.
Quarterly journal of engineering geology and hydrogeology - Geological Society.
The Quarterly journal of mathematics - Oxford University Press.
The Quarterly journal of mechanics and applied mathematics - Oxford University Press.
The Quarterly journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging - Minerva Medica.
Quarterly journal of the Royal Meteorological Society - Royal Meteorological Society.
The Quarterly review of economics and finance - North-Holland.
Quarterly reviews of biophysics - Cambridge University Press.
Quaternary international - Pergamon Press.
Quaternary research - Academic Press.
Quaternary science reviews - Pergamon.
Queueing systems - Kluwer.
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