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Pacific affairs - JSTOR.
Pacific-Basin finance journal - North-Holland.
Pacific journal of mathematics - Pacific journal of mathematics.
The Pacific review - Routledge.
Pacifica review - Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis Group.
Pacing and clinical electrophysiology - Blackwell.
Packaging technology & science - Wiley.
Paddy and water environment - Springer.
Paediatric anaesthesia - Blackwell.
Paediatric and perinatal epidemiology - Blackwell.
Paediatric respiratory reviews - W.B. Saunders.
PAGES Newsletter - PAGES International Project Office.
Pain - Elsevier Science.
The Pain Clinic - Brill.
Pain management nursing - W.B. Saunders.
Pain medicine - Blackwell.
Pain practice - Blackwell.
Pakistan forum - JSTOR.
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology - Elsevier.
Palaeontologia electronica - Coquina Press.
Palaeontology - Palaeontological Association.
Palaios - The Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists.
Paleoceanography - American Geophysical Union.
Pancreatology - Karger.
Papéis avulsos de zoologia - Museu de Zoologia.
Papers in regional science - Springer.
Papier & Umwelt - Förderverein für Umweltschutzpapier.
Parallel computing - North-Holland.
Parameters - US Army War College.
Parasite immunology - Blackwell Scientific Publications.
Parasitología al día - Sociedad Chilena de Parasitología.
Parasitología latinoamericana - Sociedad Chilena de Parasitología.

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