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Magazine of concrete research - Telford.
Magnetic resonance imaging - Elsevier Science.
Magnetic resonance in chemistry - Wiley.
Magnetic resonance in medicine - Wiley-Liss.
Maja - Kirjastus Maja OÜ.
Mammal review - Blackwell.
Mammalian biology - Elsevier.
Mammalian genome - Springer.
Mammalian species - American Society of Mammalogists.
Management accounting research - Academic Press.
Management communication quarterly - Sage.
Management decision - Emerald.
Management development review - MCB University Press.
Management report for nonunion organizations - Wiley.
Management research news - Emerald.
Managerial auditing journal - Emerald.
Managerial finance - Emerald.
Managerial law - Emerald.
Managing service quality - Emerald.
Mangroves and salt marshes - Kluwer.
Manual therapy - Elsevier.
Manuelle Medizin - Springer.
Manufacturing engineer - The Institution of Production Engineers.
Manufacturing & service operations management - Informs.
Manuscripta mathematica - Springer.
Marine and freshwater behaviour and physiology - Taylor & Francis.
Marine and petroleum geology - Elsevier Science.
Marine biology - Springer.
Marine biotechnology - Springer.
Marine chemistry - Elsevier.
Marine ecology - Blackwell.
Marine ecology . Progress series - Inter-Research.

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