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D-lib magazine - Corporation for National Research Initiatives.
Daedalus - MIT Press.
Dalton transactions - Royal Society of Chemistry.
Dam engineering - Wilmington.
Data & knowledge engineering - North-Holland/Elsevier.
Data mining and knowledge discovery - Kluwer.
Data processing
Datamation - Cahners Publ..
Die Datenschleuder - CCC.
DB2 magazine - CMP Media.
Dead Sea discoveries - Kluwer.
Decision sciences - Blackwell.
Decision sciences journal of innovative education - Blackwell.
Decision support systems - North-Holland.
Decisions in economics and finance - Springer.
Declassified documents reference system . index & abstracts . Primary Source Media - Primary Source Media.
Deep-Sea research - Elsevier.
Deep-Sea research - Elsevier.
Deep-Sea research and oceanographic abstracts - Elsevier.
Deep-Sea research . Part 1, Oceanographic research papers - Elsevier.
Deep-Sea research . Part 2, Topical studies in oceanography - Pergamon/Elsevier.
Deep-sea research . Part A, Oceanographic research papers - Pergamon.
Deep-Sea research . Part B, Oceanographic literature review - Pergamon.
Defense analysis - Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis Group.
Defense & security analysis - Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis Group.
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders - Karger.
Dendrochronologia - Urban & Fischer.
Denkmalschutz-Informationen - Deutsches Nationalkomitee für Denkmalschutz.
Dental materials - Elsevier Science.
Dental traumatology - Blackwell.
Depression and anxiety - Wiley-Liss.
Dérive - Verein IWI.

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